Two vein steel-copper bimetallic wire VEB-2 with highly heat-resistant insulation on a polymide base:

  • Nominal diameter - 0.18 x 0.38 mm;
  • Breaking strength in tension - no less than 100 N;
  • The electrical resistance of a meter of wire at temperature of 20 C corresponds 4.2 Ohms;
  • The wire on the coil is wound in one piece, without loops and entanglement of turns;
  • The wire is clean without preservative grease, wound on plastic reels.

For products with maximum thermal and mechanical loads.

The production of bimetallic wire refers to processing of metals by pressure, it can be said about the production of dissimilar metal materials, namely the manufacture of bimetallic steel-copper wire. According to conventional method of manufacturing bimetallic steel-copper wire, the bimetallic wire billet is heated, and then rolled. Then the steel-copper wire is cooled in a solution of water with an ethyl alcohol content of about 8-10%. Or you can still in a solution of water containing ammonia 7 -12%. Another option is cooling the wire in a solution containing ammonia 5-10%, and ammonium chloride 5-10% and the rest is water. The speed of the wire during cooling is 4-6 m / min. Circulating coolant supply. This method of obtaining a thin steel-copper wire BSM allows you to harden and brighten (clean) its surface without the use of additional special devices.

Possibility of individual order: by thickness, by length, by weight.